Ukraine: the End of Post-Sovietness

What is happening now in Ukraine is not a full victory yet. However, it is the end of Ukraine post-sovietica and the birth of a truly independent Ukraine. The battle against post-Sovietness is present at all levels, starting with the «elite» which was brought up under the conditions of «decaying socialism» and ending with symbols such as Lenin statues and squares.  READ MORE

Serious about European competitiveness? Go for shale gas


By Hubert Mandery is Director General at CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council

Across the Atlantic, a shale gas revolution is sweeping the United States, helping re-vitalise the economy, while Europeans are held back by environmental concerns. Such concerns are not to be taken lightly but each can be addressed. READ MORE

Director General of International Military Staff identifies NATO’s key challenges

In 2014, NATO will mark its 65th year as the world’s most powerful and successful military alliance. Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute on Tuesday (10 Dec. 2013), Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper, Director General of NATO International Military Staff, discussed the key challenges the Alliance must seek “to restore its experience, capability and capacity to operate throughout the full range of the conflict spectrum.” READ MORE

Containing Russia

Ivan Krastev, the Chairman of the Center for Liberal Strategies, Sofia

The post-Cold War order in Europe is finished, with Vladimir Putin its executioner.  Russia’s withdrawal from the Treaty of Conventional Forces, its deliberate efforts to block the election monitoring of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and the Kremlin’s refusal to ratify the reform of the European Court on Human Rights (Protocol No 14 to the European Convention on Human Rights), all marked its passing. READ MORE

Preservation Of Foreign Troops In Afghanistan Is Not Change The Situation For Russia

In 2011, the United States decided to withdraw combat troops from Iraq threatened to change the status of American troops that could be amenable to Iraqi tribunals. In 2014, the same scenario could happen in Afghanistan.  READ MORE

Moldova In Integration Vectors


By Marian Katan

In Moldova, began an active struggle for change integration vector with the EU's customs union . READ MORE

“Hungary persecutes those who fight against corruption”

By Gábor Tanács

Billions of euros-worth of tax is lost in Hungary each year because of VAT fraud. The tax authority suggests the issue is innate to the European tax system, and cannot be stopped. READ MORE

The exceptional example of cooperation

By Robert Norton

The FBI confirmed the involvement of Rakhat Aliyev to the killing of a well known Kazakh politician Sarsenbayev. READ MORE

Cameron 'prepared to block bigger EU defence role'

Prime Minister David Cameron is ready to block any attempt to give the EU a bigger role in co-ordinating defence policy, his office has indicated. READ MORE

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